Does Your Business Have This? – 10 Elements For an Appealing Website Design

Throwing lines, colors, and typography together might look like a design. In actuality, great design is more than basic shapes and art. A good website design has elements that work in sync to elevate the user experience. If you already own a website or are looking to create one, read about these basic design elements that will enhance the look and feel of your site.

1. Visual Hierarchy

From logo to product images, implementing a visual hierarchy sets you apart. Visual hierarchy is the practice of using important elements first. It could be segregated by size, color, typography, or style. Setting a focal point helps users know where the critical information is and how to proceed.

2. Intuitive Navigation

This is a basic step but involves a comprehensive UX strategy to map the user journey. Intuitive navigation is when users automatically know what to click and where it will take them. That means, your website should follow the standard protocols while being creative.

3. Stunning Hero Images

There can never be a time when the users will love words more than images. For this reason, your website needs to be accommodative of large-sized and relevant images. Adding readable text, strong CTAs are a way to point the users in the right direction.

4. Distinctive typography

Stylish fonts create a sophisticated look but diminish the readability. Use unique and clear fonts that will help users navigate with ease. However, be careful in this step since typography has the power to set the tone of your business.

5. Flat design

A flat design is anything that doesn’t have dimensions and shadows. They load quickly, are easy on the eyes, and help consume content effortlessly. Nevertheless, if you use a flat design, make sure to keep it consistent across the site.

6. Hamburger Menus

A long tail of menu items on the header is the worst thing you can do to your website. Not only does it look clumsy and unprofessional but hides the important information. Hamburgers help sort the menus and are a fine way to induce a stylish look.

7. Plenty of White Space

While elements are important for user understanding, balancing it with white space enhances your website’s look. Sophisticated brands use plenty of white space to highlight the prominent CTAs. Additionally, it provides users with better clarity and user experience.

8. Mobile-optimized layouts

Mobile shopping is growing and if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you could lose more than 80% of your customers. Make sure the texts and images are responsive and automatically change size according to the devices.

9. Speed Optimization

No matter how beautiful your website looks, slow site speed can send your users elsewhere. Hence, it’s crucial to optimize the elements on your website and use compressed but quality images.

10. Increasing Interactivity

Adding forms, polls, and comment boxes is a great way to increase engagement. Also, it helps to convert users through relevant CTAs.

Final Words

While templates are wonderful, a custom website design sets you apart from your competitors. At TechJam, we tell digital stories that shape your brand’s future. From brand strategy to website design, and more, we add value to your business. If you’re looking to build a website, this might be the right time to get in touch with us.

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