5 Sureshot Ways To Help Your eCommerce App Boom

Designing an e-commerce app is a challenge in itself however the bigger challenge is figuring out the right marketing strategy to ensure the app reaches it’s target audience. With the number of consumers who resort to online shopping methods increasing constantly, companies are also taking the plunge and moving their businesses online. In this cut-throat competition, how can you ensure that you have a fail-proof marketing strategy? A good app is nothing without an efficient marketing plan, which is why designing a marketing plan that actually speaks to it’s customers is extremely important.

Tips to market an e-commerce app

1. Higher visibility, higher traction
As the number of apps available on the market keeps growing, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to find your app. This is where App Store Optimization plays an important role. Consider the App Store as a Search Engine and use SEO techniques for app listing to improve your app visibility. Include app screenshots, demo videos, relevant keywords etc. The more your app gets noticed, the higher will be the traction.

2. Promoting through website
This is probably the easiest trick – show that you have an app on your website. A prominent banner on your website with the app logo and a tagline will help your audience know that you have launched an e-commerce app. Create separate landing pages for your app with all the relevant information, demo videos and compelling CTA’s that direct your customers to the App Download page and make their jobs easier.

3. Influencer marketing on-the-go
Instead of doing all the work by yourself, why not let others do it for you? This brings us to the next marketing idea – Influencer marketing. There are probably thousands of Influencers within your niche with thousands of followers who are ready to market your app and help you reach your target audience. Using influencer marketing as your marketing strategy is an effective and quick way to get more app downloads and reach.

4. Fair deals all-the-way
Who doesn’t like freebies? Attract your customers with exclusive discounts and coupon codes that are exclusive to your app users. This way your customers will also get to enjoy some extra discounts while your app downloads keep increasing. However, you should also focus on retaining your app users by focusing on app engagement and ensuring that your users enjoy a seamless experience while using your app.

Did You Know?
67% of consumers have downloaded a retailer app at some point


5. Paid advertising
You can also run ads on social media platforms, Google etc. and get the word out about your app more. Track the metrics of the ad campaigns to get optimum results. Social media platforms like Facebook gives it’s users multiple targeting options through which businesses can target their audience based on their age, gender, location etc. However, you need to be strategic about your spending on advertisements and ensure that your expenses don’t exceed your revenue level.

You need to consciously remember that e-commerce advertising doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You’ll need to find a healthy balance between utilizing paid channels and other marketing methods to ensure that you don’t incur any loss.

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