The Secret To “Retail” Glory

The retail world is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Whether you’re setting up a shop or running a store for decades, trying to market your business is not essentially a piece of cake. The good news is that there are more than enough ways to ensure that your business gets the due attention it deserves. We’ve listed down a few effective strategies to boost your retail business the easy way.

Unlock the potential of social media

One of the most important retail marketing strategies in today’s time is undoubtedly, social media marketing. Retail being a consumer led industry, it is perfect to be promoted on social media. Studies show that around 81% of people actively use social media to find products (Source). Popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc. helps you reach a large audience. Social media platforms can be your best friend if you know how to use them advantageously. The key is to ensure that you make your brand stand out among a sea of content. Post original, innovative and engaging content and build a loyal audience.

The magic of digital merchandising

Digital merchandising is a crucial part of retail marketing.This will help your virtual visitors enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience and keep them coming back. It includes all the promotional activities that are used to sell a product online like visual merchandising, product placement etc. All of these elements need to work together to ensure that your visitor clicks the “Buy” button impulsively. This needs to be done in a strategic way and not with a sleazy salesman approach. However, the only way to master your merchandising strategy is to keep making slight changes until you find the right one.

Hey Google

For budding businesses that are facing a cash crunch, Google My Business profiles act as a savior. They help them reach their customers easily and provide access to contact details,operating hours, reviews & ratings etc – all for free. Making your business visible on Google is the first step to getting identified by your customers online. In today’s times, if your business is not available on Google, it is almost considered non-existent. Click here to know about how to set up a business profile on Google.

Get seen, get picked

The best thing about Google shopping ads is that they are placed above search ads and catch the viewer’s attention easily. They are highly effective since your product ads will appear where the searchers are going to be looking the most. Even if you only have an offline store, Shopping ads can still help bring more leads to your website. To start with Google shopping ads, you need to set up a Google Merchant account first. Based on your ad’s performance you can even retarget your audience.

Start local

Imagine you receive an exciting invite for an in-store product launch… only to discover that you need to travel for six hours to get there. Such a bummer, isn’t it? You could easily avoid this by using location targeting. If you have an offline store, a significant chunk of your audience could be local. With geo-targeting, you can provide an enhanced personalized experience to your customers by showing relevant ads based on their purchase history, demographics, etc. This will not only help you in reminding your existence to your audience but also bring in new customers. You could also use geo-targeting features of Instagram, Facebook and Google to target people who live within a specific geographical area for promotions.

Customers are no longer required to choose from a few options when they are looking to buy something. With the retail space expanding exponentially companies need to be more conscious about their marketing strategies to ensure success. Click here to understand more about how we can create a winning strategy for your business.

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