Top UI Trends For 2022 That You Shouldn’t Ignore

The UI/UX trends are ever changing right from its inception.People get easily bored which is why you need to keep altering your website or app’s UI based on your audience’s varying interests. As a business owner, you need to ensure that you adhere to the latest web or app UI trends to make your brand stand out among competitors. Check out the latest UI trends given below and try to incorporate them in your brand’s website or app for better performance.


The role of Animation in UI is growing at a fast pace. More companies are incorporating it as it enhances the viewer’s experience with a continuous flow that works much better than a static graphic. From playing around with colors to designing life-like 3D animations, exploration with UI has come a long way. Click here to read more about the latest animation trends in UI.

Advanced micro interaction

Most of our everyday interactions with computer screens or mobile devices involve micro interactions. In simple terms, it refers to the trigger-feedback combinations in which the trigger can be user action and the feedback can be a visual or audio response. The whole purpose of using micro interactions is to delight the users and engage with them.

Flat design

Flat design UI is a design style that uses simple shapes and minimal textures. It is a minimalistic approach that uses two dimensional elements and bright colors. No shadows or decorative elements are used which helps with faster loading speed. Microsoft was one of the first to apply this design style to its interface. Click here to learn more about the basics of flat design.

Dark Mode

The dark mode UI is a well-received design style where light text sits on a dark background. This color scheme reduces the luminance emitted by device screens which helps in reducing viewer’s eye strain. It also helps in conserving battery power. They usually give a sleek, modern look to the app or website. People these days prefer using dark mode due to it’s convenience. If you’re designing a product where users need to be engaged for a long period of time, you might want to consider including a dark theme option as well.


Neumorphism is an update from skeuomorphism that combines elements like background color, shapes, gradients, highlights and shadows to ensure graphic intense buttons. This can be applied to a mobile app or a desktop. However, there are some issues regarding this trend due to the minimum visibility that it offers to buttons. People with poor eyesight, poor quality screens or people who view their screens with reduced brightness might not be able to view them. Yet, it is considered a futuristic trend which is expected to be used more.


In this trend, design elements have the appearance of translucent frosted glass.It makes users feel like they can see through the elements, and it has a sense of verticality to it. Design elements look layered and to achieve this effect, you can use a background blur and a semi-transparent outline to simulate the edge of the glass.

If you’ve come till here, we’re sure that you would have learned a thing or two about the latest updates in the UI world. We’re happy to assist you further by building a robust, highly competitive, futuristic app or website. Click here to know more about what we can do for your brand.

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