6 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

In this digital era, brands need to create their own niche and a unique identity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Here are a few tips to improve your brand’s social media presence.

1. Establish a unique brand identity

With millions of business accounts active on social media, brands need to establish unique brand identity to set themselves apart from their competitors. A unique brand logo, tone, colour, branded tagline, hashtag, etc. will help in creating individuality for your brand. For example – Coca Cola has the tagline – “Open Happiness”, Zomato has the tagline – “Never have a bad meal”.

2. Be Topical

Catch up with trends on the internet and use them for your brand to stay updated and trendy. For example – The recent trend #AreYouEven became viral on social media when companies like Zomato and Myntra posted on it. This is called Moment Marketing. It helps brands stay relevant with their audience.

3. Engage with your audience

Based on the analytics of your audience, create content that they can relate to and enjoy. Create a level of trust in the minds of your audience by engaging with them by replying to their messages, comments, accepting their feedback and sharing user-generated content. This helps the audience to see your brand with a human element and not just as a company and positions your company as a thought leader in the market. For Example – Swiggy posts quirky content and replies to comments and messages in an interactive way. They regularly conduct contests on their social media pages and interact with the audience who respond.

“You can’t buy engagement. You have to build engagement”.

– Tara-Nicholle Nelson, CEO of SoulTour.

4. The Power of Social Media Analytics

Analyse the performance of your posts and campaigns to ensure that they are performing well. Social media tools such as Hootsuite helps in managing social media accounts, scheduling and publishing posts and analysing metrics on each platform. Ensure that the marketing efforts are ROI driven. Analyse the target demographics for your product/service and understand the age, gender and interests of your audience and target them with paid advertising campaigns.

5. Consistency in Online Presence

Post relevant content on a timely basis to keep your audience informed. Keep your audience updated on any new product/service launch by posting content regarding the same. Posting 3-4 times a week would help your brand grow organically and increase awareness among your audience.

6. The right strategy for better results

Create a tailor-made marketing strategy across platforms specific to the features of each platform to gain optimum results. Create a content calendar that includes different types of content that your audience would like to see. The key to a good marketing strategy is to define your goals first. Analyse if the goal is to drive sales, bring in leads, increase brand awareness etc.

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