Instagram Marketing Guide for 2022

With more than a billion advertising audiences, Instagram offers dramatic reach for brands trying to market their products. The potential reach for brands through Instagram is only expected to grow in the coming years. Businesses ranging from food and fashion to luxury brands are competing in a rat race to promote themselves online. How can you sustain among this cut throat competition? Here are a few tips that you need to master for Instagram marketing in 2022.

Switch to business profile ASAP

On the surface, Instagram business profile might seem like an exclusive club. However, the truth is anyone can join. Regardless of your followers count or engagement rate, anyone can join for free. Click here to know more about setting up a business account on Instagram. You can enjoy cool features like Instagram insights, setting up an Instagram shop etc. by switching to a business profile. And with a business profile, your Instagram account is now officially open for business.

Keep an eye on details

People who don’t know much about your business will judge you based on your Instagram profile. Content plays a vital role in Instagram marketing. Ensure that your profile is up-to-date showcasing your latest works. Keep your bio short and informative with a clear call to action. Since Instagram doesn’t allow any links to be added on posts, bio is the only place where you can add your website’s link or any other link. You can also add a shop button for people to directly shop from your Instagram account.

Did You Know

  • Over 200 million Instagram users visit one business profile at least everyday (Source)
  • Over 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts to know more details about a product (Source)

Understand your audience

With Instagram’s Insights tool, you get to know your audience better. You can learn more about your audience’s gender, age, location etc and also identify what kind of posts spark higher engagement. This can help you with targeting your audience more effectively and curate high quality content. With Insights, you can even identify at which time your audience is more active and post accordingly.

Measure your performance

This is one of the most important reasons why Instagram marketing strategies fail often. People often forget to measure the performance of their content and identify what works best for them. Through Insights you can access important metrics like post impressions, engagement and more. As a business owner, measuring your performance can save you from future disappointments and help use your resources wisely. The key to master social media marketing is by understanding what your audience loves and creating more of it.

Partner with an influencer

Almost all kinds of brands ranging from big companies like Audi to budding startups work with influencers according to their budgets. The fastest way to reach your potential audience is through Influencers who have already built a large follower base. Try to identify influencers who have an audience that is relevant to your product/ service and work with them. Most micro influencers (influencers with less than 10,000 followers) are willing to negotiate and work on a commission basis. If you’re a bigger brand, you can work with macro influencers and set bigger ad budgets.

Run paid ads

Instagram is slowly becoming one of the most used channels for marketing purposes, thanks to the high engagement rate on the platform. Promote your posts that have the most engagement rate for better results. Not every advertising campaign on Instagram can be a smashing success. However, you can improve your chances of success by boosting what your audience already likes. You can also use more video promotions since they are highly engaging and visually appealing.

Did You Know
Around 87% people have claimed that they either followed a brand, visited their website or made a purchase after seeing their ad on Instagram (Source)

Keep your hashtag game strong

Hashtags are your best friends when it comes to Instagram marketing. It helps your brand reach your potential audience without spending a penny. However, trending hashtags keep changing and evolving everyday. Keeping up with current news and trending hashtags will help your brand look more credible online. Get your voice heard online and reach millions of people everyday with the right hashtags for each post.

Going viral on Instagram can happen overnight for a few and take a longer time for others. The key is to be patient and work consistently on putting out good content. Build a loyal set of audience online for your brand and engage with them regularly. Click here to know more about how we can transform your brand’s presence online and grow your business.

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