Native Apps Or Hybrid Apps: What To Choose

If you think that mobile apps are only for big players, you are wrong. In order to thrive in this cut-throat competition, you need a customized mobile app for your business. While deciding on developing a mobile application, a dilemma that arises quite often is whether to create a native app or a hybrid app. As a matter of fact, both native and hybrid apps have their own share of strengths and limitations. Keep reading the blog to know more about it.

What are Native Apps?

Native apps are applications that are developed to operate on a particular device or platform. They run on a specific mobile device and have a single code unlike hybrid apps. These apps provide enhanced performance and seamless user experience by leveraging the most advanced technology, like image processing, and much more. Apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Waze etc. are examples of native apps.

What are Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid apps are applications that combine elements of both native apps and web applications. These apps are popular as they can be run on multiple devices with a single code. Similar to web applications, Hybrid apps are written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Instagram, one of the world’s most loved apps, is a Hybrid app. Twitter and Facebook are also good examples of hybrid apps.

We’ve broken down the differences between Native and Hybrid apps below:

When to choose a Native App?

If seamless graphics and API is your first priority, native apps are a great choice for your business. They are best suitable for performance based applications. If you want your app to have a unique interface or include too many graphics, native app is your answer.

When to choose a Hybrid App

If you require an app within a short period of time, hybrid apps are your best choice. They take less time to develop. If the app is simple, does not have any complicated designs and cross platform compatibility is on the cards – hybrid apps are your safest bet.

Both native apps and hybrid apps have their own share of pro’s of cons. Whichever type of app development you pick, it needs to be implemented accurately. Our team of experts understand your requirements and provide customized solutions that accelerate your business growth. Click here to know more about what we can do for your business.

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